November 2020


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July 2020

Auctions 101: your guide to various auction styles


When people hear the word "auction" they think of a fast talking man with a gavel and people raising their bid cards on items they want, right? There is SO much more to auctions than just that, though! When it comes down to it, professional auction companies have a lot more resources and tools than [...]

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June 2020

Estate Auction Preparation


Estate Auction Preparation: Generally, the executor of the estate has a lot on their mind. The loss of a relative or a decline of in health can lead to an overwhelming time, including what to do with their estate. Luckily, companies like us are here to help. We created a step by step outline to [...]

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May 2020

Let’s talk about Mailing Lists…


Mailing Lists... Nearly every company nowadays uses some sort of mailing list system to reach their client base. Modern technology has brought us great programs to aid in the process. As a business, we use various software to reach our customers via text and email, and also use the good old postal system. So how [...]

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