May 2020

Why Auctions Work: Auctions vs. Tag sales


Why Auctions Work!!! The need to liquidate assets and disperse belongings may arise from a variety of reasons, but there is one definitive thing during this process... Auctions are the best way to get the most for your items in comparison to Tag/Estate Sales and here's why auctions work: Here's Why: Auctions encourage competition. Auctions [...]

Why Auctions Work: Auctions vs. Tag sales2020-10-03T04:52:16+00:00

Bree Wilkey Joins Whitaker Marketing Group as Auction Marketing Manager


It's with great pleasure we would like to announce a new team member joining Whitaker Marketing Group, Bree Wilkey. Congratulations to Bree! She has just recently graduated with a four year degree in Animal Science and Agriculture Communications from Iowa State University! Bree brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Whitaker Marketing Group and [...]

Bree Wilkey Joins Whitaker Marketing Group as Auction Marketing Manager2020-10-03T04:52:38+00:00

Let’s talk about Mailing Lists…


Mailing Lists... Nearly every company nowadays uses some sort of mailing list system to reach their client base. Modern technology has brought us great programs to aid in the process. As a business, we use various software to reach our customers via text and email, and also use the good old postal system. So how [...]

Let’s talk about Mailing Lists…2020-10-03T04:52:26+00:00
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