David Whitaker’s Transition to Farmers National Company:

By now, many of you have heard that David accepted a new position with Farmers National Company. His first official day with FNC was June 1st. We are so excited for David to start this new journey with Farmers National, as we know his talents will take him and the company to new heights. This has raised many questions for people in regards to the future of Whitaker Marketing Group and David’s role with Whitaker Marketing Group moving forward.

Whitaker Marketing Group 2020:

Whitaker Marketing Group has built itself into a power house of an auction company. That is not changing, and we are here to stay.

Our dedication to our customers and determination for success has not wavered as David transitions to another company. The only difference as we progress as a business is that we will no longer be directly handling real estate. In order to prevent any conflicts of interest, David’s realtor’s license has completely transferred to Farmers National Company but he would still be happy to help you sell your land, just under a different company! But as far as equipment auctions, estate auctions, cattle auctions, and benefit auctions… Whitaker Marketing Group plans to remain as your first choice, and a premier auction company in those capacities.

Some of you may know our logo to read “Auctions | Real Estate”. We have now changed over to “Auctions | Appraisals”. To clarify: Whitaker Marketing Group has relinquished all land responsibilities. We are not providing nor licensed to provide land appraisals, however we can refer any land appraisal interest to David and his team at Farmers National. What we do provide are chattel appraisals on equipment since that is what we will be specializing in.

David’s Role:

David made the tough decision to leave Whitaker Marketing Group as he fills Farmers National Company’s Area Sales Manager role for the Midwest. This was no easy choice as David has devoted so much of his time and energy to create Whitaker Marketing Group. David will still be WMG’s auctioneer and will play a very important role as an advisor to our team. However, he will not be maintaining an active role with Whitaker Marketing Group. He has duties to fulfill with Farmers National Company, and the time commitment in his new position is far too great to try and be two places at once.

That being said, Ann Whitaker will be fully taking over all obligations within Whitaker Marketing Group. As a co-owner with David for the last 12 years, she is more than equipped to fill this role individually. While David will very much still support the business he created, his priority now lies with Farmers National Company. Despite David’s absence, Ann and the WMG staff are exceptionally capable of handling all your auction needs, and would be happy to refer any real estate related opportunities to David with Farmers National!

To Conclude:

  • Whitaker Marketing Group is still a leading auction company, and has every intention to stay at the top.
  • All real estate ventures will be referred to David at Farmers National Company. Land sales will no longer be provided through us.
  • We offer appraisals on equipment: Chattel Appraisals. We do not provide land appraisals but we can refer you to David and his team at Farmers National.
  • David is fully committed to Farmers National Company and he will only have a minor role with Whitaker Marketing Group from now on.
  • Ann has completely taken over as president of Whitaker Marketing Group. Her and her staff are more than capable of running this company ,and will continue to succeed!
  • If you have any questions about this transition feel free to ask us directly: info@wmgauction.com or 515-996-5263

We hope these facts clear the air of any confusion or doubt in regards to Whitaker Marketing Group moving forward.

As always, check out our current auctions and let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you!