Getting The Most Out Of Your Equipment: How To Maintain Its Value

In terms of agriculture and farming, we all know how heavily we rely on our equipment. And at some point in your life, you’re going to have to sell a piece of equipment. Maintaining your equipment not only makes it work better for you but you’ll receive a better resale value, as well. By no means are we mechanical experts or machinists, but take a look at some pretty easy-to-follow ideas for maintaining the value of your equipment. These are good points for daily use or with intent to sell!

What To Do While In Use:

To get the most out of your machinery, make sure everything is in working order. Basic and regular maintenance is key to literally running a well oiled machine. Some of this might be common knowledge, but maintaining the value of equipment is essential in our line of work. In addition to keeping up with maintenance, simply keeping your equipment clean goes a long ways, too! This goes for the outside of a machine and the inner workings as well as the cab! Keep dirt, debris, and excess residue off your machine- it will preserve the paint and body integrity while preventing rust! Make sure any internal messes are dealt with; any extra oil or fluid needs to be cleaned up and monitored. And don’t be a litter bug- keep trash out of the cab, and try your best to keep dust and mud to a minimum!

Basic cleanliness and upkeep are monumental in maintaining the value of equipment. These machines are built to work but some people forget that taking ultra good care of them does pay off in multiple ways. When you see/feel/think something’s wrong, stay on top of it! If your tire tread is bare, get new tires. If you have a hydraulic leak, fix it. Ignoring it until it can no longer be ignored often times does more damage. And majority of the time, quick fixes are not successful. Granted, finances don’t always allow for immediate corrections, but when you can, keeping up with repairs makes a huge difference in longevity and profit.

When Not In Use:

Another really simple idea to maintain the value of equipment is to store it correctly. A shed is the best place to keep your machine! It keeps it out of the elements, away from critters, and is still easily accessible. Some operations and facilities don’t have this kind of storage available, but finding a level and dry place (as best you can) to park your machine on your property will still help in the long run. These are the simple steps to keeping up the value of your equipment.

Whether you’re done with it permanently or done with it for the season, do NOT park it in the tall weeds at the edge of your property. For years now, farmers have gotten in this habit of trying to get things out of the way and tucking equipment in the tree lines. The reasoning behind this trend is still unbeknownst to me. Tall grass has a ton of dew and holds a ton of moisture- not good. Excessive weeds are breeding grounds for rodents and critters who can reek havoc on your equipment- not good. Trees are great for branches that scratch up your paint and debris that cover your machine- not good.

Why It Matters:

When it comes down to it, you are going to be most efficient and profitable if your machine is in proper working condition. And when you no longer need the machine for whatever reason, a well functioning machine is going to see the highest resale value. The value of your equipment is going to be based upon the condition it’s in, during use and at the time of sale. Just like most things in life, the big, shiny pieces are going to see the prettiest penny. When you get to the point where you need to sell, you obviously want to get the most out of it. This is especially true if you have followed a lot of the simple guidelines we listed above. So what is the best way for others to see the value of your equipment?

Well we are an auction company, so obviously we think auctions work best. But at the end of the day, when machinery goes on consignment people think something’s wrong with it. Consignment pieces leave people with a lot of doubt and variables in their mind. In general, this might be a stereotype but you don’t want to risk taking a loss on your machinery. So when you need to sell a piece or a whole collection of farm equipment, why not go through a company that specializes in marketing and selling farm equipment?

Choose Auctions… Choose WMG:

Working with a company like Whitaker Marketing Group provides you with numerous resources to help the sale. First, we are professionals in farm property. Heavy machinery and agriculture equipment are right up our alley. We are educated on a variety of products and we have the experience to sell them. Second, we have a defined audience. We are a company that has set out to build a select, but ever growing, collection of viewers and buyers. We know how to market your items and we know to whom to market your items. Finally, plain and simple… Auctions Work. They foster competition in bidding and that drives the price of the item up. Big pieces help attract and sell the little pieces. And auctions are just fun. They’re engaging, exciting, and entertaining- and above all, they get you the best value for your equipment.

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