Record Traffic For Online Auctions!

Last week, our auction software recorded historic stats for traffic to online auctions. Even during a pandemic, auction activity is at an all time high! Here at Whitaker Marketing Group, we use the auction platform HiBid. HiBid was gracious enough to send us some exciting news about business from May 18th-May 25th, 2020:

Check out these record numbers:

  • There was $27,600,000 in gross revenue. That is almost 28 MILLION dollars generated in one week via online auctions on this platform!
  • On average, they were 811,000 bidders on the software per day. Over 810,000 people were bidding in an online auction each day!
  • Each day, they saw an average of 1,370,000 bids. Online auction bids topped 1.3 MILLION bids per day!

Absolutely RECORD traffic for online auctions.

Affirmation that Auctions Work!

If you follow our company, you know we are passionate about our industry. We believe in helping our customers to the best of our abilities and being the best resource for our clientele base. We truly believe auctions are the best outlet for that. You’ve heard it here before, but we’ll say it again: Auctions Work! Pandemic or not, online or not, auctions work. The end of May marked incredible highs for traffic to HiBid. Given the times, that’s huge for sellers, buyers, and auction companies alike.

Partnering with the BEST…

Whitaker Marketing Group has grown its brand to be a premier auction company in the Midwest. We are a top tier, top notch, leading business primarily serving all of Iowa. How did we get here? Like the saying goes: “iron sharpens iron” and we take that to heart. HiBid is producing great results with the data to back it up. A company whose goals match our own is the perfect partnership. Plain and simple, we are the best because we work with the best. The record traffic for online auctions is just further proof of this.

Want to work with the best? Check out our website for more! And if you’re interested in the great companies we partner with and the great results they’re producing, visit their page!