Mailing Lists…

Nearly every company nowadays uses some sort of mailing list system to reach their client base. Modern technology has brought us great programs to aid in the process. As a business, we use various software to reach our customers via text and email, and also use the good old postal system. So how do we keep our mailing lists updated and accurate?

We recently received an email from a publication we follow about some companies’ mailings lists being too big, and it got us thinking… What do we do to combat that?

Know your audience!

The key to keeping our mailing lists as a highly functional marketing tool is to know the audience. We don’t just stockpile our contacts into a single file and send out mass blasts to anyone or everyone. If we are selling some quality John Deere farm equipment, we are going to target our farming crowd. Our estate buyers probably don’t need a combine. In the same sense, our estate buyers are going to be way more interested in the huge antique collection we are liquidating whereas, the farmers won’t really bat an eye. Many of the companies that are utilized for this type of wholesale communication charge by the recipient. The more recipients, the higher the cost to you. So making sure you are getting the most out of your audience benefits your wallet when its all said and done.

Know the people that are the real deal. Pay attention to who is on your auctions consistently. The frequent and high dollar bidders are the ones that came to play and came to win. “Auction people” thrive on the thrill so market to your repeat customers. Also pay attention to the back up bidders- they play the game, stay in it neck and neck, and are like still hungry for their items when they get outbid. These are the people who will likely come back for more.

Keep it moving:

The people who bought that one item in that one auction that one time 8 years ago, probably aren’t going to be a high priority marketing target. Those people that register for your auctions but never bid or never put in a valid payment, aren’t going to bring you in any revenue. Not that they can’t browse your items or watch the bidding go down, but are they really worth the money to market to via mailing lists? Probably not. When you come across bad bidders, remove them. If you come across expired emails or out of service numbers, remove them. When you come across returned mailing addresses, remove them.  While sending out an extra envelope or text to someone that might not get it may not see like an issue, why even waste the money on someone not serious in your industry and your business.

Lucky for us, the software we use and much of the modern programming available, weeds out the bad numbers, bad emails, and even bad bidders for us. We still have to be diligent on our own, but this makes our lives a lot easier and helps us keep our company moving forward. It also benefits our serious buyers, who we have come to appreciate so much. And this way, we aren’t annoying people with information or products they aren’t truly interested in. Invest your time and energy into your mailing lists. It’ll pay off for your buyers, sellers, and your business. 

David Whitaker | Iowa Land Guy